IS VPN what I want?

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IS VPN what I want?

I am currently watching Netflix on my iMac using either the privateinternetaccess App. or the extension Hola on my browsers. This is to get around the geo-blocking that Netflix uses against non-US addresses (I live in Australia).

I am now keen to watch this channel on either my Sony Bravia or my SamSung Smart TV sets; both are connected to the internet via a LAN.

I understand I can do this on my recently bought Netgear R6300v2 router by installing DD-WRT(???) but this means that I acquire an US ip address. I am also keen to watch BBC/ITV tv from the UK which requires a "UK ip address" and also in Australia, the ABC iView which requires an Australian ip address.

I am not interested in the privacy that VPN provides but is this the way to go and if so, how would I do it? (I have a Billion 7404VGPX router which coud be pressed into service if needed.