VPN with WRT54GL and Dual WAN; one dedicated for VPN

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VPN with WRT54GL and Dual WAN; one dedicated for VPN

Hello everybody. I have been struggling for setting up a system which consists 2 WRT54GL routers on two different cities;

each with dual WAN connections; one dedicated for VPN between two
routers to maintain connection speed between two sites at its peek.

I have decided to take Wadih's great work about setting up Site-to-Site
Routed VPN system as a model. I think it is a great system to set up a
seamless connection between two sites. My only problem is; codes for
this work has been written for single router.

here is the link for the Wadih's article at dd-wrt wiki:


I have also examined the articles about Dual WAN with one as standby
backup; and the one about round-robin load equalization at dd-wrt wiki. But frankly
speaking, I am really a rookie about linux and programming and I'm
really lost.

What I simply want to do is; route the second site's traffic to the
second modem; which I will hook up to the 3rd or 4th network port of
WRT54GL. Regular internet traffic will continue to flow through first
modem. Of course, same configuration on the second site as well.

I am already using DD-WRT on my first site since 7-8 months without any problem.

For your information:

My first site will include the server; 2-3 wireless LAN clients and 6-7 LAN clients.

Second site is client site and will include 3-4 lan clients; 2-3 wireless clients.

Most of the data that flow through VPN will be the large size photos and office files.

I have no problem with flashing the routers or inputting the codes to the interface; but coding is a different thing thouhg...

Is there anyone who can help about this in any means? Thanks in advance.