Wanted: DLNA on my Linksys E3000

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Wanted: DLNA on my Linksys E3000

I'm rather new to router flashing, so forgive my ignorance!

I've been searching around and can't find a solid answer ... can I get a DLNA serveron my E3000 so I can stream to my Logitech Revue?

With Tomato? DDWRT? Kong's version?

How do I make absolutely certain I'm using the right ROM? Are there different flavors of E3000?

And if I could have a bittorrent client running on it, so much the better!


Aben Escalnte
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kong's version and tomato

kong's version and tomato have what you need, how to set it up differs from each other, wich is better is a dispute that has been for years.