WGR614L with UM100C (Cricket modem)

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WGR614L with UM100C (Cricket modem)

Hello everyone,

 I'm wondering if it is at all possible to use the WGR614L with a UM100C USB Modem from Cricket Wireless?

 If so, could the steps be outlined for me please?

What we are wanting to see if is possible is:

 (1) Connect an internet connection via the UM100C through Cricket.

(2) Connect from the PC that has the UM10C to the WGR614L

(3) Use the WGR614L to provide wireless and/or ethernet internet avilibility to other computers in the room.


I do know this appears to be an odd question but this is being done for testing purposes - normally this router is connected to broadband.

 Thanks in advance for any information/help/suggestions.

 Colby Smith