What makes dd-wrt superior?

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What makes dd-wrt superior?

A question more of the theoretical nature..

This might sound like heresy just for asking.. but what makes dd-wrt firmware superior to the one supplied by netgear? I bought an R8000 X6 some year ago just for one purpose: to configurate it with PIA-VPN settings. This to access .us netflix anywhere in the house. This worked fine until netflix got on the warpath against geoblock switching. Today it basicly just handles the wifi for tablets and phones..

Having updated the firmware a couple of times im still stuck with an annoying problem. With all builds i have used, the wifi chokes slowly from start which have resulted in me restarting it approx. every second third day. I had no problem with this while it served a cause but today its just annoying. The wifi is just a subsystem in my house since i have all rooms hardwired with a couple hp procurve 24port switches hooked up to a netgear prosafe router and a fibremodem.

Im not looking for some fancy networksetup but rather a working carefree system. I do understand the motives of the dd-wrt community. Rewriting and improving the functionality of many different routers is a great life hack.. But it is my best solution?

Whats your opinion?

Grannas signing out.

PS/ But before that i'll download the latest kong firmware and give it one last try. I dont know if it helps if i dont try. yes

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I was having issues with

I was having issues with constant reboots until I set Wireless physical interface wl1 to wireless network mode to BG-Mixed.  It appears this interface doesn't like mixed mode.  I have tried any of the the other N-Modes as I have older B devices still in use.

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My "killer app" is dd-wrt

My "killer app" is dd-wrt automatic local machine naming (local DNS).  I use a lot of local intra-network resources.  e.g. HDHomerun Prime, Synology NAS, Shield TV, and then less obvious device-to-device communications like "Universal Remote", which lets me control computers with touch screen devices.  DDWRT does this out of box, and Netgear has no options available.  With DHCP, I had too many devices changing IP and I couldn't keep communications going.  DDWRT made this a non-issue.  

Peter Redmer
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For me, the big difference

For me, the big difference right now is being able to run an OpenVPN client on the router. Extended customization of the wireless SSID's is nice also (TX strength, etc)

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That and I run several

That and I run several offices using DD-WRT on R7000's and here I have dd-wrt on the R8000 all are handling many things and doing it very well. Superior is a realtive term, capable is a better one.

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Dear All,

Dear All,

I have purchase a new Netgear R8000 and I just Flashed my R8000 with DD-WRT. I must admit that I am TOTALLY NEW to the concept of using Router configuration to the best of its capabilties, as some of you expert can do... I wish to know the settings that should be kept in order to give an additional layer of security to ALL my clients. I have heard that WiFi hackers can now use tools from AirPCAP or even Kali Linux to capture and assimilate information. The Stock Netgear Firmware just provides basic security not good in case my WiFi is being monitored. Can someone please guide me step by step in order to secure my WiFi network on DD-WRT?

Thank you in Advance for all the help that you can provide.