Which build Kong or Tomato for Usb & VPN

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Which build Kong or Tomato for Usb & VPN

I have a Linksys E3000, I want to hook a external hard drive to it and stream movies to my tv. After reading some on VPN and how it can help protect my browsing I might do that to. So do I need to use usb-ftp-samba3-dlna-nv60k-broadcom, or usb-ftp-samba3-vpn-nv60k-broadcom? Do I need 60K or 64K? I know one has VPN in the name but I thought I need dlna for usb storage. Or am I just all confused need help please.

I flashed with 20500 couldn't figure out how to get External HDD to work right minidlna said stopped. So I tried tomato-E3000USB-NVRAM60K-1.28.7501.2MIPSR2Toastman-RT-Ext the External HDD worked I could access it through windows explorer but I couldn't get a wireless device to connect.