Which build for r 7000?

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Which build for r 7000?

Dear Members,
I am generally new to flashing routers and everything else. When I went to the downloads page for my R 7000, I found two different builds

- DD-WRT firmware for Netgear R7000 Based on revision 27261

- DD-WRT "Kong Mod" for NETGEAR R7000 - June 2015

Which one is the better and more stable build? I should not face any problems.

Please advice.

Thanks in advance,


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I flashed my R7000 with "DD-WRT "Kong Mod" for NETGEAR R7000 - June 2015". The firmware upgrade went smoothly. It seems to be working perfectly fine over the last few days. In fact, I successfully configured my VPN (L2TP), which is running like a charm.
I understand that you want to know which one is better/more stable (i.e. a comparison). The best I can do it to say that Kong's Mod seems to be running well. cool
I hope this helps.
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Im interested on this as well

Im interested on this as well. I flashed both kong and the ddwrt build but got slow speeds from vpn on the router. I wonder if flashing this new firmware would have better results. I am running PIA on R7000 and am getting only 20mbps down on a typical non vpn of 180 mbps dowb.

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@dr_dunno are your vpn speeds

@dr_dunno are your vpn speeds good?

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Can you someone please

Can you someone please confirm which stock firmware version is Kong refering to in his instructions?


"To install this firmware:

  •         Restore your router to NETGEAR Stock Firmware
  •         Reset the stock firmware to factory defaults
  •         Flash the router with DD-WRT
  •         Reset the router using the pin on the back
  •         Begin setup of DD-WRT"

Ie. I was wondering if it was safe to flash from stock firmware 'V1.0.4.30_1.1.67'?

And some clarification about reseting would also be appreaciated. Such as is it a case of simply holding down the reset button at the back of the unit for approx ~15 secs? I've read some people have ran into problems if they decided to only reset settings via web interface.





Para Dox
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I am waiting with bated

I am also confused - are two different developers on the same team working on two different builds with different features and enhancements ?


Kong Build:

DD-WRT "Kong Mod" for NETGEAR R7000 - June 2015  ( dd-wrt.K3_R7000_06_30_2015.chk )

"In this version apps were updated due to security bugs, e.g.:

  • openssl
  • php5
  • ndpi


  • New qos limiting that allows to specify up/down speeds on certain interfaces
  • Dns lookup optimizations
  • R7000 can handle now up to 500mbps! Previously it was only around 350mbps"


Tathagata build:

DD-WRT firmware for Netgear R7000 Based on revision 27261 ( K3_R7000_1-Jul-2015.chk )

Makes no mention of Kongs enhancements and has added features such as Ad-blocking. Tathagata seems to have a complete feature list, but Kong does not.


Is there a feature comparison list somewhere for the two builds ?

I am waiting with bated breath for delivery of my R7000 so I can re-flash it with DD-WRT, and trying to sort out this confusion before it arrives.




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I am also looking for a

I am also looking for a feature comparison list for these two builds. If anyone have this kind of list please let us know.

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To pvn.kmr

To pvn.kmr

Earlier I used DD-WRT Tathagata build revision 25344 and now have been using DD-WRT Tathagata build revision 27261 for the last few weeks and haven't encountered any sort of big issues.

The Firmware is quite stable.

You can have a try to use DD-WRT firmware for Netgear R7000 Based on revision 27261

Good luck smiley

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I am new to flashing.  I

I am new to flashing.  I downloaded the dd-wrt.k3_R7000.chk and after it finished downloading I clicked on "open" and a pop up box opened and stated there is no file associated to opening this file.

How do I open the downloaded file?



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You don't open it.

You don't open it.

In the R7000 web interface you send the file to the router.

Upgrade firmware is the option you choose, then point to the file.


Hope that helps

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Hi Deiva,

Hi Deiva,

I just bought the R7000 and I want to install the "Kong Mod" firmware, do I still need to flash the initial .chk first or can I just flash with the latest .chk?


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I found the answer in an old

I found the answer in an old post from Kong and in Transpiror's post:

To install this firmware:

        Restore your router to NETGEAR Stock Firmware
        Reset the stock firmware to factory defaults
        Flash the router with DD-WRT
        Reset the router using the pin on the back
        Begin setup of DD-WRT"
So since my router is new, I just flash with Kong firmware.
Does this means that if I want to update the firmware to a newer release of Kong, I will need to flash back to the stock firmware first then the new kong firmware?
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I have used an older version

I have used an older version of Kong's dd-wrt (dd-wrt.K3_R7000_06_30_2015) and it was good and fuctional, but i had some problems with my ISP, so i went to the Asus-merlin firmware, but it sucks and doesn't have torrents support, so now i have decided to return to Kong, so i downloaded the newest build ( 10.26.15) and what i got? The transmission daemon was removed! i am very upset about it, if anybody can tell me how to install it (or at least why it has been removed) i'll be happy, but it seem's to me i go forward to try not Kong's build next.

ps. Sorry for my English

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I'm new to myopenrouter, new

I'm new to myopenrouter, new to the AC1900 R7000 router, and am looking around for help.  This thread looks like the ideal place and is relatively new, but no one has yet answered the questions almost everyone here has asked.  

I have a broad background in telecommunication, networking and software development and I am truly confused by what I get ins response to Googling "DD-WRT".  I vaguely get the idea of "tomato" but I'm not sure.  I see references to Kong (specifically DD-WRT K3), but I don't really know what it is.  What about that other release from Tathagata (WTH?)?  

Maybe I can spend hours searching through confusing forum and blog entries and come up with some kind of answer (and I do and will reserach these given time), but it would be really great is someone who actually knows could respond to this thread and my questions.  Is there a post or an article somewher that explains all this.

I currently have wireless internet service with Verizon, use an older Netgear WNDR4300 router subnetted to theVerizon  gateway router and have ordered an AC1900 R7000 router which will come tomorrow.  There is no way that I will flash the new router first and then fight my way through all these questions hoping that I don't screw somthing up or brick it.  I intend to bring my network up using the Netgear standard and then, understanding at least the basics of its operation, will consider flashing to Kong (or whatever it is that I should do).  So a little real response here would be much appreciated (and based on the posts here, there are lots people who feel the same)


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Like richlife69, I to had

Like richlife69, I too had questions and found them somewhere else on the net. But in short it is not really that difficult if you want DD-WRT.


At first I grabbed this firmware http://myopenrouter.com/download/dd-wrt-kong-mod-10-26-15-netgear-r7000


What I did (and what Kong also said) was:

- if you are on Netgear firmware do nothing :-) (mine was V1.0.4.30_1.1.67)

- log into the router and go to Advanced -> Administration -> Reset to Factory defaults

- when router comes from restart go to Advanced -> Administration -> Frimware update

- Select the downloaded .chk file and press update

- When router comes back from restart you can go to, but before I put in my new loginname and password, I did a reset (10sec) via the pin on the back

- After this go again to and put in your new loginname and password and do your settings.....


Thats it.

It took me about 5 mins to go to the new firmware. New I have to see how steady this works, but I have confidence.





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Thanks for the response, Jack

Thanks for the response, Jack.  And the specific help.  

I had some major laptop problems (whole series of things) and have been struggling to recover for the past week.  But I'll eventally get back to it all.  At least I just recovered this URL!  :<)

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Has anyone tired the R7000 on

Has anyone tired the R7000 on a R7300 DST Router. It sounds like it should work minus DST "PowerLine" Support, but I am ok with that. 

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I tried with

I tried with

DD-WRT Kong Mod (10-26-15) for NETGEAR R7000

but the router responded that this was incorrect for the product