Which Firmware for R7000 ??ß

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Which Firmware for R7000 ??ß



what is your most loving Firmware for R7000 and why ??


At the moment i use DD-WRT KONG. I Testet Advanced Tomato and Tomato Shibby but i have trouble with upnp i set up the advanced script part of upnp but my qnap nas want realy work with it. At DD-WRT all works. Also i try out Asuswrt Merlin but also the same problem with port forwording upnp and openvpn want work right


So i went back to dd-wrt


now i want to know if it is a good choiuce to use dd-wrt

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First of all you might ask

First of all you might ask yourself what is your stock firmware not doing that you want out of DD-WRT.

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any of the latest builds man,

any of the latest builds man, its always good to upgrade bro.

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