WNDR3400 V2 new flash with DD-WRT

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WNDR3400 V2 new flash with DD-WRT

I flashed my router with the k26 build and had nothing but problems with the wireless in repeater mode . I did some researching and found on DD-wrt that they said any build with the k26 platform would work so I loaded there maga build 24v-sp2 (2-26-13) K26 and now my ( ver 2 ) works mint ... except for the security setting will only work with WEP. do the research the ddwrt firmware works alot better (my opinion ). I used the first build nv64k build. I hope this helps. 


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Terrifically frustrating that

Terrifically frustrating that the DD-WRT community has left this wireless router out. There is a message around, "need donated equipment," but it's hard to believe both the v1 and v3 are supported and this one isn't. Not to mention, there are some comments in the DD-WRT forums for "unsupported," and to come to the third-party site for help... Guess that's the way it goes for an unsupported router that's several years old.

My WNDR3400v2 got flashed, yesterday, due to boredom. I'd used the v24-SP2 (mega) and didn't have any problems via 30-30-30 and a wireless update via the stock firmware page. That said, I'm experiencing an odd condition with AP isolation. It's disabled for both radios, but I'm unable to communicate between some of the clients due to routing issues. (This isn't a cafe or public access point.)

Do we have anywhere to discuss this? Where are the other "unsupported," implementations on WNDR3400v2 if we can't get anythign from the experts on the DD-WRT forums?


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I have recently decided to

I have recently decided to look into another software project for Software Routers. The inital project that brought me to this project was IPVanish. So I have many Branded AP routers that I want to convert:

--Netgear WNDR2000, WNDR3400v2, WNDR3400v3, TP-Link C5, and a PC running IPCop 2.x

As with most technical things it can get complicated really fast. From what I have read so far things can be staright forward however can get knee deep in read tons of things. The funny thing is how its all communicated.

Well, I just got my WNDR3400v2 running with the heartbeat image. It appears to be functioning. But its not getting an IP address from my ISP modem. I suspect its the cable modem itself and some sort of conflict.

The comment above is interesting as this model appears to be common but how common is to be seen. I suspect chipsets are mostly the differences between version 1 to 3. So if I can figure it out and express my experiences for this version. I figure it could be helpful to someone.


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Ok so I'm at the same point

Ok so I'm at the same point and problem hoping someone knows how to fix this...flashed everything seems to be fine except the wan or internet ip is when everything else is filled out fine dont know how to fix this and or make it use the usb port as the wan..please someone help. I'm new to this whole thing and am beating my head against the wall for days now thanks