wndr3400 v2 wireless.....

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wndr3400 v2 wireless.....


Succesfully installed dd-wrt firmware and setup as an AP via a homeplug. However for some reason the wireless speed is attrocious. The web pages load eventually at pre dial-up speeds. Have tried changes channels a various other things i can think of to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance!

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Definitely not an expert but,

Definitely not an expert but, this post http://superuser.com/questions/786039/slow-internet-speed-when-homeplug-combined-with-router, gave me some insight with a similar issue. I used homeplugs to connect a router in my garage and got 1-2 mbps speeds , directly connecting a laptop to homeplug upped it to 5-10 mbps. I eventually hired an electrician for ~$175 bucks to TS  for excess line noise (needed a 220 outlet installed for a plasma cutter anyway). End result was redoing the main ground for the home now  I get 50-60mbps via direct connecting to plug and 35-50 mbps via the router (wired or wireless).  As a huge surprise my electric bill has dropped about  $10 a month on average over about 8 months.    Also I always get better results when avoiding if possible any circuits that also run appliances/ ACs.    

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DD-WRT for NETGEAR WNDR3400v2 With Heartbleed Protection

Installed dd-wrt on my wndr3400v2 without any drama.  Setup to repeater my isp wireless ap.  My isp transmit from the top of the Marina restroom in downtown Long Beach, Ca.  It's about a  150 ft away.  Using my wireless adapter only, I get 2 bars of signal strength.  Now I get. full bars for both 2.4 and 5 Ghz. transmitions. prev Thanks to dd-wrt.  Installation was a breeze.  Al.

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what are the steps to install

what are the steps to install the ddw rt into the router..... I downloaded the file to my laptop but when I tried to upload it to the router it says to "correct the file because it  is a *chk file