WNR3500L and ipv6

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WNR3500L and ipv6


I have a WNR3500L working with DD-WRT v24-sp2 (08/07/10) mega - build 14896 firmware that I downloaded from DD-WRT website.

I would like to activate ipv6 to be able to configure a 6to4 tunnel to have ipv6 connectivity but I noticed that on my dd-wrt firmware, even if there is an option to activate ipv6, it doeasnt work. If I display a network interface (connected with ssh) I don't see any ipv6 information.

Is there a working dd-wrt release for the WNR3500L that provide working ipv6 stack ? Maybe some kong release but I didn't find any information about that.

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Thanks for your answer. I now

Thanks for your answer. I now that I can build my own custom dd-wrt but I don't really have the time now to seach how to build it.
That's why I wanted to know if people who are using some custom firmwares like Kong mod can activate IPv6 and get a local link ipv6 address.

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Toastman Tomato firmware has

Toastman Tomato firmware has IpV6 built-in with GUI access. (manual configuration, native ISP IPV6, 6 to 4 tunnels).

Latest versions here: http://www.4shared.com/dir/v1BuINP3/Toastman_Builds.html

Go in RT-N16 folder and grab one of 1.28.7475.4 version depending on what you need.