WNR3500L or Not WNR3500L

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WNR3500L or Not WNR3500L

That is the question I'm asking myself these days. When I learned about this router, I immediately got interested by the power and memory it was offering. I then jumped on an opportunity I had to sell my router (almost new Buffalo WHR-HP-G54). I borrowed one from a friend, waiting to get my hand on the WNR3500L.

I was very happy to see Netgear offering a router, with those features, targeted to people like me, who like to experiment, customize and get the most out of the things they get. I sent an email to Netgear's sales dep to get an ETA on the router, naively expecting an answer from them!! But nothing...

I just got tired of waiting and thought I would search to see if there were any other routers out there that offer similar features. I was glad to find that another one exists and is available everywhere... This router offers even more flash and ram, has 2 USB ports, 3 external antenas and is even cheaper. It is supported by DD-WRT and OpenWRT. The WNR3500L however looks a lot nicer...

So I think I will unfortunately have to go for the other router. I liked very much the idea of this community dedicated to the WNR3500L. Maybe some of you have arguments that would convince me to keep waiting for it? I'm very disappointed by Netgear and their management of the release of this router. I would have been very happy to be part of this community! ;-)

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I have to say I have the same

I have to say I have the same feeling of you. I'm not in a hurry to get a new router tho, but I became really interested in the brand and model of the router you find out, in case the WNR3500L takes more than Duke Nuken Forever to be released.

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Same here, I really like the

Same here, I really like the router's features and I keep hopping for a release soon, but I must admit that I find Netgear's delivery management a bit disappointing. At least it surprises me.
JFMorneau, I second jprvita and the question about the alternative you found out. Can you tell us more?

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I've been waiting for its

I've been waiting for its delivery for weeks but I had to much time to deliberate and cancelled the order.
I want a truely open router with atheros chipset now :-)
I want more than Netgear's "we call it open source despite using a binary only kernel modul" and a we are "already" working on a ver. 2.6 kernel (Introduced in 2003). It's time to put some pressure on Broadcom and Netgear.