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WNR3500L print server


will it be possible (with the right firmware) to use the USB-port of the WNR3500L-router to connect a printer, so that the router functions as a printserver? Or is there a hardwarproblem i do not see?

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if it will work with my(!)

if it will work with my(!) printer is another problem, right. but from the software point of view it is no problem, right?

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If it works with CUPS as a

If it works with CUPS as a printserver it shouldn't be an any problem with ANY printer. You just to need to use the RAW mode in CUPS and your native printer driver in your windows installation.

Stefan Nowak
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1) Does printer sharing work

1) Does printer sharing work right out-of-the-box?
2) Or does it require one of this alternative firmware (which again requires a serial cable connection, and some time and patience through a command line interface)

So is CUPS running on the router or not?
Are you speaking theoretically, or practically?

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No cups is not running in the

No cups is not running in the default netgear router ... may be it runs in some 3rd party f/w .... like DD-WRT or Tomato ...
You can also build these f/ws with cups enabled if cups is not supported by default ...

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Yes, it is possible. I am

Yes, it is possible. I am trying to configure the print server with dd-drt (build 13832) with no succes. I've followed the instructions of the following tutorials, and couldn't configure the print server.

Printer Sharing
Install DD-WRT with USB support on the WL-520gU

Does anyone in the forums knows how to configure a print server in the wnr3500l. This would be a great step by step tutorial to add to the articles list.

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Did you ever get this working? I am facing the exact same issue.

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Hello Jonesbasf

Hello Jonesbasf

Unfortunately i didn't. I've stop tried about a month ago.

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Same Issue here. I'm

Same Issue here. I'm completely lost at this point. Someone needs to chime in!

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Do not bother with DD-WRT...

Do not bother with DD-WRT...

Use TomatoUSB mod... tried for two weeks with DDWRT,asked questions, got sent in circles...

Installed TomatoUSB, was up and running in 10 minutes, even with a GDI printer which requires a firmware file copied each and every time it starts up.

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This can be done with optware

This can be done with optware im running DDwrt with optware which allows me to set up FTP, Samba, and a network printer. You should look up "Optware the right way" and follow the instructions it will get you up and running in no time.
But if you are not comfortable messing with a terminal or windows command prompt go with a firmware that already has the printer server stuff cooked in.