WNR3500L as repeater - WNDR3300 as base

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WNR3500L as repeater - WNDR3300 as base


I have a NETGEAR wndr3300 as a base station which has been working great. I bought the WNR3500L to extend my network coverage.

So far I have looked at all the videos and url I can find to get this setup. So far nada. I've tried using WPS, manual setup, with wep defined, without wep defined, using 11g and 11n .. Thetwo just don't seem recognise or talk to each other. The best I have achieved is that I get a connection but withLIMITED or  NO INTERNET possibility. The wirekless card does not get allocated an ip address.

I setup the WNR3500 as a standalone router. That worked fine.

Raised the issue with Netgear and resposne was try using WSPK on both - hmm - either they don't know their own product or I'm not talking to techi person - you can only use WEP in this setup.

So, now my next port of call is to try loading up DD-WRT as the firmware to see if this will resolve the problem !

Not used dd-wrt before. Setting up firmware seems straight forward, but will it talk to the WNDR3300 ?

Are their any instructions out there on setting up the WNR3500L as a repeater using dd-wrt.

Thanks for any assitance that anyone might be able to provide.


Brandon C
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DD-WRT should get you what

DD-WRT should get you what you need to do.
You can use these instructions for a wgr614L using DD-WRT to configure a WNR3500 as a wireless repeater.