WNR3500L USB Attached HD Performance.

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WNR3500L USB Attached HD Performance.

I tested the USB attached HD performance. Among stock, DD-wrt and tomato, Stock firmware is the fastest. However, it's not stable at all. I attached WD elements 2TB to the router, the stock firmware did not detect it. I had to unplug and replug it in, the it was recognized. However, after a few minutes of idel, it disappeared. I had to repeat the same step. I did 30-30-30 reset and did not help. Tomato is slower than stock firmware, but it's very stable, the connecting never dropped. 

Does anyone know why? 

Can someone looking into tomato and see why it's slower than stock firmware?

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Damn - I was hoping by now

Damn - I was hoping by now that the performance issues would have been fixed in dd-wrt with the tomato or kong mods. Am I right in thinking that you cannot use dd-wrt as the basis for a media server? That's a real shame - and I'm sure it can't really be the case......?

Cheers, Jon

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dd-wrt is slower than tomato

dd-wrt is slower than tomato on USB.

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@hahaha, true for standard dd

@hahaha, true for standard dd-wrt but not compared to my dd-wrt mod. It shows exactly the same performance as tomato.

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Kong, i did not test the

Kong, i did not test the performance of your mod. I was talking about the version I initially tried.
What's the difference between stock firmware and the dd-wrt/tomato on usb share? As i stated, usb share (readyshare) on stock is way faster than dd-wrt/tomato. It's however unstable though, at least on my setup (WD 2TB). That's why i'm still on tomato now. But I was really impressed with the usb performance on stock firmware. I'm wondering if your mod or tomato can use the same module of stock firmware but make it more stable.