WNR3500L v2 as Access Point

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WNR3500L v2 as Access Point


I'd like to use my WNR3500L v2 as an accesspoint. I have a Devolink Router/Moden (2in1), but it really sucks. Since I don't have a different Modem I want to use the Devolink as the Modem and connect my Netgear Router to it. I tried the following things:


1. Disable DHCP

2. Tick "Bridge WAN with primary LAN"

3. Connect Devolink via LAN1 to Internet (WAN) or LAN1 of Netgear, both didn't work.


The problem I seem to have is some kinda error with the routing. As soon as I connect both Routers I cannot access the webui, even not if I change the routers's IP to (or anything else) in the Basic settings. I tried both and 192.168.1.x, neither one worked.

This is how it's supposed to work. I cannot access the webui of the Devolink cuz I don't know the password :D 

Hope somebody can help me.


Kind Regards