WNR3500L WiMAX USB Support

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WNR3500L WiMAX USB Support

According to the press release here: http://www.netgear.com/About/PressReleases/en-US/2009/20091005.aspx

In addition to its Gigabit Ethernet ports to deliver ultra-fast wired network connections, the WNR3500L router includes a USB 2.0 host port for USB networked storage and for developing other custom applications, including remote access, DLNA/UPnP Media Server support, and USB modem support for 3G/4G/WiMax high-speed cellular connections.

The WNR3500L should have support for a USB WiMax modem according to the press release. However the documentation says not to plug in anything other than a storage device into the USB port. Unfortunately I found this only after purchasing this router.

I have a Clear WiMax Motorola USB w25100 modem (uses the Beceem Communications BCS200 chipset). I've tried plugging it into the router to no avail. I've looked into the dd-wrt documentation to see if there is any support for USB modems, but the modem would need acm support and I don't believe the Clear USB modem has it (it has NO linux driver).

Does anyone have any idea of how to get this to work? Is Netgear planning on release a firmware upgrade to support usb modems? HELP!

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It appears in their wording

It appears in their wording that they mean custom applications *can* be created for the USB port and a USB modem is one of those applications. Kinda slippery in how they word it. WHo know if they ever will for the 3500 since they are releasing or about to release routers that have that built in.

Regarding your issue, I know of nothing available to do that yet.

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It is important that your

It is important that your hardware runs with the generic ACM driver. E.g. my cell phone is recognized as ttyACM0. Maybe openwrt has a package with a kernel module builtin (e.g. like for 3G cdc_acm.ko).

I'm afraid this kind of modules might not be integrated in that Broadcom binary crap kernels of your "not so open" router.

Maybe you better join this thread:  https://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?id=14046