WNR3500L "Wireless repeater mode" + USB disk + VPN

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WNR3500L "Wireless repeater mode" + USB disk + VPN

I'm just about to buy a WNR3500L since it's one of the few that has both the wireless repeater function and an USB interface allowing me to connect an external disk. Now is this possible? A repeater, in my school, does not have an IP and work on OSI model level 1 or 2... or can WNR3500L be both an repeater and a host for USB disks and maybe even connect to my friends Linux server with OpenVPN?

I'm actually about to tap into my sisters ISP 100/100 line through 802.11N (Netgear CG 3100) from the apartment below and, off course, share the monthtly fee with her. :)