WNR3500U/WNR3500L Need help bridging

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WNR3500U/WNR3500L Need help bridging

Here is my situation.


I moved in with my fiance and upgraded her internet from DSL to Optimum Online at their lowest tier. She did not want cables all over her house so the cable modem is in the basement where my computers are. Now we are having wireless issues. I knew we would but I didn't want an argument.

I have a few wireless devices that are 2.4GHz only such as my Sense Sleep Tracker, a few of my laptops,  The problem is in my area the 2.5 GHz spectrum is full with no channels empty as far as I can tell.

I am using the Optimum Online Router which is a Dlink and I have limited control over because it's managed through a Optimum Online portal

In addition to this

I havea WNR3500U that I got from Sam Knows. I flashed it to

DD-WRT v24-sp2 (04/16/10) mini
(SVN revision 14289)

What I want to do is turn this into a Wireless Bridge on the 5GHZ spectrum back down to the OOL router and place it in the upstairs bedroom. I'm *hoping* that by having a router there I will hav better network coverage in the house.

I do have a third router that is not being used a Dlink DIR-645 whch is 2.4 Ghz Only.


In the long run what I would like to do is.


1) Switch from the 192.168.1.X network range to the 10.1.X..X range for my LAN but still have the Optimium Router on it's 192.168.1.X network for public/guest nwtwork

2) Run my own DNS/DHCP server for my 10.1.X.C network with the following subnets

10.1.1.X for Android/iOS/Game Systems
10.1.2.X for my servers (Ubuntu systems acting as Print Servers, Calibre media server, Backup device/kodi server)
10.1.3.X for the PC's

Is this even possible with my Hardware? Sorry if this is the wrong forum.