WPS need due to wireless cable boxes

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WPS need due to wireless cable boxes

Hello Community, this is my first post here.  I recently changed my R8000 firmware to Tomato so that my TDS cable would work properly.  When I swapped my Actiontec Router to the Netgear R8000, it wouldn't properly switch from the 10seconds of unicast packets to multicast packets.  It would work, but the delay was a solid 35 seconds.  With the new firmware, it works just like the Actiontec with an seemless switch over.

Here is my issue:My DVR is networked, but the cable boxes are wireless in my bedrooms.  The ONLY way to connect them to the network is through WPS.  Basically, when the box boots up, it says "press ok to connect to wireless" and it goes out checking for WPS, no other options.  As of right now, I have the Actiontec T3200 behind my R8000 and the TV works perfectly, but I am trying to get rid of the extra router.  With the Tomato Firmware, I see where I can add a script, but after extensively googling, I can't find how to do it.  Any Tips, scripts, or plans to add WPS capability?