WRG614 Debug Port Login

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WRG614 Debug Port Login

I made a 3.3v to +-12 RS232 adapter for my WRG614 and was able to succesfully connect it to my terminal emulator. However, the serial set up was 9600,n,8,1, not 115200.... and the debug port spewed out a much different console status. Not the mentioned CFE> prompt. It ended up with the Unix Login: prompt.

1) Is login disabled by default? If not what is a default factory user name/password. root:passwd admin:passwd don't seem to work.

2) Is it possible to flash the router with minimal Linux and use it as a single board computer of sorts. My intended application was to connect a GPS to the debug port and have a program imbedded in the router, record the NEMA data from the GPS. When the board got near an unsecured Wifi, it would upload as much of the recorded track as possible to a server.

If these questions have already been answered, I appologize for being a noob to open router, I could not find them anywhere on this site.





Below is the debug port spew.

Attaching to TFFS... done.
Loading /fl/APIMG1...
Decompressing... /  OK.
Starting at 0x80010000...

/fl/  - Volume is OK
Reading Configuration File "/fl/apcfg".
Configuration file checksum: 5f820 is good
Please check the ethernet cable on port 0!
Failed to attach to device aeAttaching interface lo0...done
call usrAcosPPTPClientInit!
acosPPTPClientLibInit(): PPTP-v1.1.0, INIT OK!
0x807ffdf0 (): task deadCan't attach unknown device ae (unit 0).
DNS redirect INIT
in abRegisterInputHook inputPktHook: 800df9e8
Calling dnsRedirect_hookAdd
!Nat_PPTP_Initialize is called
Info: No FWPT default policies.
DHCPS: init dhcps: devname=mirror0
Dumping message module not registered!!!
DHCPS: interface mirror0 doesn't have memory pool! So use the global _pNetDpool
DHCPS:Set the default Lease Time to 86400
POT has reached the max value.

Login: root

Login incorrect
Login: admin

Login incorrect