WRN3500Lv1: doubts about alternative firmwares

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WRN3500Lv1: doubts about alternative firmwares

Hi to all, guys!

This is my first time here and i've a doubt about custom firmwares.

I read the description of the features of some alternative firmwares (in example Tomato by Shibby) and I like some of those features, but I see that some of the default features are not listed.

Should I consider them implicitally included?

In example, I'm currently using (with standard firmware) the guest second wi-fi, but I don't see it as standard feature os the alternative firmwares.

My second question, so is: are the alternative firmwares based on the standard firmware, I mean, they include at least all the features included in the standard one?

thanks in advance!

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The custom firmwares mostly

The custom firmwares mostly cover all the standard features along with some attractive new feature set.