WRT-DD and R7000

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WRT-DD and R7000

Complete newbie as far as routers.

Is it possible to use the WRT-DD firmware with the R7000?

If so, Is it stable?  Advantages?

Step by step instruction on how to set it up?

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Follow tis guide to flash
Follow tis guide to flash.Grab the latest Kong firmware here

It is confusing becuse there is no REAL definitive place to get this
information. The information is streached over several forums.

Good luck...

PS. Not much information here, and outdated. You should be using the official DD-WRT forums here for ththe R7000 router.

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Go to Downloads. There you

Go to Downloads. There you will find  dd-wrt-firmware-netgear-R7000-based-revision-28514. Link is given below.


Here you will get all the informations like Revision Update, Features already added, New Features included etc. Also you will get the information about Firmware Upgrade Procedure. This is a stable DD-WRT firmware for R7000. You can have a try.

Good Luck !

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It's even easier to upgrade a

It's even easier to upgrade a Kong build using the embedded dd-wrt applet "ddup"   This takes the guesswork out of the right version for your router and uploads the most recent Kong build.   Instructions on using ddup are here.....


You'll need to get into Telnet (usually part of windows already) and the command prompt in Windows to use it......so at the command prompt you type  "telnet:"  where the IP address is your router....when asked for user name, enter "root" even if you've changed it on your router and when asked for the password, use your router's password....at the prompt, type "ddup --flash-latest".......then follow the prompts......it will upload the latest Kong version and do a checksum for you.....good luck....