wrt54g problem after changing cpu frequency

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wrt54g problem after changing cpu frequency

hello guys,

some weeks ago switched from dd-wrt to tomato toastman mod.

worked very well, until today i changed my cpu frequency to 266, saved, rebooted the router and.. it doesnt start up.

the power led blinks all the time (DMZ doesnt blink at all), the internet led blinks too, but not as frequent, but always together with the led where my pc is connected to.

well, the router still connects to the internet, but i cant access the webinterface, wlan doesnt work, but i can still go online, when i directly connect my pc to it.


i tried tftp once or twice but always got a timeout (well maybe i just did it wrong).


i hope someone can help me, i dont know what i can do about it, and i dont want to open my router up (i dont trust my hardware modifying skills that much)

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The max overclock for a

The max overclock for a wrt54g is usually 250

But even then there are some that are unstable at that (noticed by a router randomly restarting every 5-10 days)

If you want a good stable OC, use 240

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The first thing to try is a

The first thing to try is a 30-30-30 reset,* which should restore the cpu frequency (and all other settings) to the default.


*The procedure is described all over this site, but just in case you don't know, while the router is running, press the reset button (with a paperclip or whatever it takes to reach it on your model) and hold it. Wait 30 seconds, unplug the router for 30 seconds, then plug it back in and wait 30 secons, all the time holding the reset button down.