Wrt54gl connect pppoe with Tomato, but not with DDWRT

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Wrt54gl connect pppoe with Tomato, but not with DDWRT

I'm trying to use DDWRT on my Linksys WRT54GL and on my Trendnet TEW-632BRP. Installation have spent perfectly, and after install,  i have resetted the router...

DDWRT on the WRT54GL and the Tew632BRP seem to connect to my ISP with pppoe, but there is a problem with the routing table, and the router didn't get the DNS from my isp... 

The adsl synchronisation is made by a modem router (Dlink DSL 2740b/Dlink DSL2730u) acting as adsl modem (configured as bridge)...

I precise everything work perfectly with tomato...

I have created a topic on ddwrt forums (with screenshots), but i didn't have received answers..


Did someone have an idea from the origin of the problem please ?
I have tried on two different routers : Linksys WRT54GL, and Trendnet Tew-632BRP and DDWRT drive me crazy... :)

Ps : I just have set those 3 settings (like in tomato): 
- Login 
- Password