ww-drt Tathagata Das on the R7000P

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ww-drt Tathagata Das on the R7000P


I've been working with this mod for about a month now and have had too many problems. I've been able to get some basic function working. Basic wireless AP and openVPN client seem to be working. But I don't know how stable they are - I can't get the features I want to work. This was so frustrating that I bought a R7000 and installed Shiby Tomato to get my basic needs.

In this mod I found that the mount points for an USB thumbdrive are read only. I tried to set this router up as a repeater and many of the pages wouldn't save - ie: make changes to a page, press save and refreash. The changes were not saved. I could learn how to do it all command line but it makes it feel like I'm at work.

This mod basically works but in my opinion the OEM NetGear firmware is better because it supports the GigaBlast connection that I have from COX and supports all the features that this mod does.

I'll wait for the Tomato mod that supports the 1G connection and, hopefully MU-MIMO.

I hope.



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Darn, i was hoping that this

Darn, i was hoping that this mod would work for my router. I had bought a 7000p not realizing that CFW was an option if i had gone with a different model... Maybe ill wait. I kind of need a way to bypass one of my college's network restrictions thought the VPN client