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I just thought I'd post this here since I haven't seen any posts about it. I've been running Xwrt-Vortex for a while now and it's running great.

Here's the link if you want to give it a go. 



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Note that while XWRT is an

Note that while XWRT is an alternative, 3rd party FW, its source code is not open as XVortex doesn't publish it, thereby violating the license

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Since this has been posted

Since this has been posted the source code has been released via GitHub bringing about GPL compliance. 

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Please post a link, I cant

Please post a link, I cant find any Xwrt/Vortex on github.

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Thanks for the link, however

Thanks for the link, however that is RMerlins account with the original version for Asus routers.

The XWRT porting for Netgear made by Vortex is still not open and we have no insight into the code, and the problems mentioned in RE#3 is still valid.

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I smelled the rotten smell.
MyOpenRouter Team
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We appreciate the concerns

We appreciate the concerns expressed about this firmware and due to these concerns we have removed the downloads from the site. Thank you all for your feedback and support. Please also feel free to message us directly at any time.