Yellow power light

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Yellow power light

When I tried to change firmware to tomato I used this guide and the same files that he has in the description:

Everything went okay untill I got yellow power light. I tried to fix it by using the installation disc I got when I bought my Netgear WNR3500Lv2 router. I also tried a simple reset and hard reset... Somehow I manage to fix it.

I got my tomato running but couldn't setup wi-fi properly. The internet worked perfectly through the enthernet cable but I couldn't access wireless internet with both my laptor nor the android mobile. So I decided to downgrade it again by changing firmware. I uppgraded WNR3500Lv2-V1.2.0.16_40.0.66.chk through tomato web ui and got the same problem. The power light turned yellow and since then I can't fix it what ever I do. It doesn't blink yellow it just stays yellow whole the time.

Things I have tried:

Hard reset aka 30/30/30

Simple reset - hold reset button, connect the power cable to router and hold for 30sec

TFTP transfer - followed peacock thread

nothing works

I guess I know that my router isn't bricked because I get 3 responses with TTL=100 when I set my static IP to with mask

I am also not shure If I set the static IP corectly... What I do is in TCP/IPv4 set:


Subnet mask:

Default-gateway, Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server: leave blank

Is there any other options I have left except buying a new router or usb-ttl cable? Because since I have fucked it up I also want to learn how to fix it before taking the easy way out.