Basic Question - Help A Newbie Please

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Basic Question - Help A Newbie Please

Recently made decision to subscribe to ExpressVPN. Didn't want the hassle of installing and maintaining 15+ clients so I learned on this site how to run the service on my router. It all works with no big wrecks on the way! Amazing. Three short questions:

1) Other than the Status>OpenVPN tab on the dd-wrt page is there some other way to actually verify I am going through my VPN?

2) if I want to change the server locations, city location of vpn server, do I need to change all of the configuration information from the .ovpn file or just the server address  " for example?

3) Is there an option for the config to be dynamic and select best location.ovpn at the time?

Thank you!

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Hello Everyone, I'm also new

Hello Everyone, I'm also new here so I don't know what is the best.