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Ethernet Tunnel

Dear Forum,

I would like to create an "ethernet tunnel" using two Netgear-3500Lv2, so that I can completely replace an ethernet cable without anty change to the configuration of the ethernet devices currently connected to the two ends. Can I do this with tomato?


I am trying to replace a long ethernet cable in my house by going from wired to wireless connection using two routers. One end of the long cable is connected to the box of my fiber based internet service provider (ISP) - the other end is connected to a TV box. I successfully replaced the cable already using the standard firmware in the Netgear-3500Lv2 with "enable IGMP snooping" set in the router connected to the ISP end and setting the router in the TV end in client mode. However, after some time something happens that breaks the TV (Viasat access) stream. If I briefly connected the cable again it all starts working again. I suspect the TV box and the ISP box exchange ethernet packets for authentication and I am therefore looking to create an ethernet tunnel.   


Thanks for the opportunity to post the question!



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I don't have the details. 

I don't have the details.  You want to look into a wireless bridge or client bridge.  You use one router as a wirelss client on the network and use it to "bridge" the wired lan ports.  This is an overview.  Yes you can do this with virtually any basic router/firmware.