Noob using Tomato, how log in?

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Noob using Tomato, how log in?

Hi I'm new here. Looked for 'before you post' and did a search but only found one 'hit' for forgot password using TomatoUSB (shibby).

I'm trying to log into a Linksys WRT54GL that I previously flashed w/Tomato and haven't used in over a year. Can't find my folder w/password but even worse I can't seem to get a logon screen. I see I have one wired connection (from a laptop) but when I use Firefox and enter all I receive is 'unable to connect'.

What other IP could I use? The router only has s/n and mac on the bottom, not that it matters, since I've already flashed to Tomato.

I'm at a standstill, really lost. Hoping I can gain access w/o using the reset button/wiping all settings.


Thank you,