router to flash dd-wrt

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router to flash dd-wrt


Looking for router to flash dd-wrt, planning to run vpn to secure would like your suggestions and recommendation, network will be hybrid of lan and wlan and there will be lan firewall also an access point for isolation.


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I also look forward to these

I also look forward to these recommendations. I have used a few Netgear WNR3500 series and Linksys WRT54G types but these are way old now and I am curious what more modern routers people have good results with running DD-WRT. Thanks.

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Depends on what you want to

Depends on what you want to achive by using DD-WRT.  Is there a specific requiremt that you are looking for that the 'stock' firmwre doesn't supply?

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I don't have any pressing

I don't have any specific needs at the moment other than it being a fun gadget to experiment with and I have been using very old routers for this purpose like I said, and would like to get on something not so old. It is getting hard to find WNR3500Lv2 and the old Linksys routers that I have been using for this. Nowadays, as you alluded, the factory firmware has a lot more features than it used to and for some stuff I may not even need DD-WRT except it's fun! I am not looking to put DD-WRT on a $400 brand-spanking new router and install it in a commercial location. I just want to pick up some used $40 or $50 hardware and play around with it and experiment with features that look interesting.

I was looking at some Netgear R6x00 ish stuff on eBay and I see there are still some Kong releases for those models. I was wondering what would be good/similar in the Linksys brand. So yeah, I can't speak for the OP but for me this is mostly casual experimentation, hobby stuff, and sometimes the knowledge pays off in business. Probably most important to me is that is is old enough to be inexpensive but not so obsolete as to be unusable, stable so it will run without locking up or having to be rebooted every day/week (I've had some like that) and popular enough that there will be a good supply on the used market when I brick one or fry one and need a replacement. I'm looking for a good ol' Chevy 350 or now maybe 3.8L V6 is more like it. Thanks.