Upgraded ISP speed, but no change in throughput

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Marcus J
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Upgraded ISP speed, but no change in throughput

I def need some help!

I just finished upgrading from Cox Ultimate to Cox Gigablast. When I direct connect my PC (ethernet) to the modem I see between 700Mbps to upwards of 1.3Gbps speeds. However, when I connect through my router, the speeds on that same hardwired PC drop to between 30-40Mbps. Wow! That's only 5% or less of the direct-to-modem connected speeds.

I have tried re-booting each of the boxes (PC, router, and modem) separately and simultaneously, but nothing changes in performance.

I do run Express VPN on the router, so I do expect some associated overhead and slowdown from that, but not 95+%

Here's my setup:

Router Model Netgear R8500
Firmware Version DD-WRT v3.0-r39960M kongac (06/08/19)
Kernel VersionLinux 4.4.180 #666 SMP Sat Jun 8 11:15:19 CEST 2019 armv7l

CPU Model Broadcom BCM4709
CPU Cores2
CPU Features EDSP
CPU Clock1400 MHz

When I had Cox Ultimate, I saw about 60-70Mbps on a direct-to-modem connection, and the same 30-40Mbps that I still see today through the router. While the 60-70Mbps is a joke (compared to their advertised speed of 300Mbps), the difference between direct-to-modem speed and through-router speed seemed reasonable (to me).

I am NOT very technical, so I am completely at a loss how to troubleshoot this or resolve it. I would be enormously grateful to anyone who can help.



Marcus J
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It's almost as if the router

It's almost as if the router doesn't realize there's a 1Gbps link to the Internet. Do I need to "tell" the router that I upgraded the link?

I've also read some about putting the modem into Bridge Mode. Does that make sense?

Finally, could it be a setting in the router's VPN configuration?

Anyone? Please...