Internet/WAN port stopped working

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Internet/WAN port stopped working

I have a model D6300  - the one that uses the firmware (is that v1?) and the internet (WAN) input has stopped working.

I have updated firmware, swapped cables. Netgear router still says "no cable plugged in". I am running an ethernet from my Apple Extreme (early gigabit version) which doesn't require username/password. (If I go directly to my MacBook then the cable/internet works fine - so I know that it isn't a problem with cable or Internet connection.)

You may ask why I am bothering with the Netgear at all - the Airport Extreme works fine - I would just like to see if the Netgear delivers better wireless speeds and coverage. I have a 100Mbps fibre line - and the Apple Airport Extreme delivers about 50-60 Mbps wirelessly over 5GHz which is quite a drop.

I would like to install DD-WRT or Tomato on the router so that I can change one of the LAN ports to WAN... as this seems to be the only solution to this broken port problem.

Can anyone advise and assist me in this process please? I have just enough knowledge to get myself into trouble! So before I brick this thing completely, I'm going to put on my n00b hat and ask for help.

Thanks in advance!