FreshTomato on Netgear R6700

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FreshTomato on Netgear R6700

I already have a R7000 running a FreshTomato firmware, but bought a R6700 for more ports and more wireless coverage.

I knew it is supported in the 2019.3 version:

But there seems no initial install for this router:

Is there another source for an initial firmware? (B.t.w the R6400 initial firmware is refused)

Thank in advance!

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Here is the initial file for

Here is the initial file for the R6700V3:

This is for the R6700 V3.
The R6700 V1 and V2 are not supported.


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anychance we can get R7800

anychance we can get R7800 support for FreshTomato?

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Currently Freshtomato only

Currently Freshtomato only supports Broadcom processors. The R7800 uses Qualcomm Atheros IPQ8065.