Network name (SSID) resets after router reboot

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Network name (SSID) resets after router reboot


I flashed AdvancedTomato firmware (v3.5-140 AIO-64K) on my R7000 router recently. The internet works fine but whenever I try to reboot my router either by turning off the router and turning it on or when trying to reboot from the UI, the SSID resets back to Tomato24 and Tomato5. Also the network password, the admin password, the time everything is being reset.

I tried automatic reboot once in week using the scheduler and even with that everything resets to default values. Any idea on how to keep my SSID, passwords, time everything the same after a normal reboot? I tired a thorough nvram erase and that did not fix anything

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AdvancedTomato is no longer being supported. It is seriously out of date. Freshtomato is the latest supported tomato version.