First Post - Connecting to R7000 in US (Region set to "North America") with OSX

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First Post - Connecting to R7000 in US (Region set to "North America") with OSX

Just installed an R7000 on my home network and everything but my iMac is running great.

OSX, for some reason, can't handle null Country (and the Nighthawk sends null). All of the other routers scannable in the area (about 7) broadcast a Country of "US".

Does anyone know how to connect (or to coerce the R7000 to broadcast US rather than NULL)?

I have other routers so am running it from another SSID, but would prefer to have it on the same network as the other devices in the area.

The Netgear Communities talk about this issue and claim that Support has firmware updates that can send "US" (Support claims otherwise) and I've seen a couple of writeups that claim that telnetting in can allow me to change region (Genie has it locked on "North America", though Google Developer Tools shows the other Regions (including US) commented out. I'd prefer not to telnet in without step-by-step instructions while the router is still under support, but I have to configure the Ciscos at work through the unsupported interface so will if it's necessary.

One of the NetGear techs I spoke with said that this is a known Macintosh issue and that they were waiting for Apple to fix it, but the way that I've read the other threads on it, OSX won't let you connect to a SSID in Country X if all of the other networks in the area are Country Y because the odd router looks malicious... which makes sense.




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Going to watch this thread

Going to watch this thread because we're an Apple household with 2 iMacs, 1 MBP, 2 iPads, 2 iPhones and currently using xFinity triple play with their cable gateway... but I'm ready to pull the trigger on a netgear CM500V modem and probably a Netgear 7000 router so I can use a VPN directly with the router.

Reading your comments is giving me some pause. I just find it hard to grasp that Netgear makes a popular router that has issues with iMacs.  Or am I reading this wrong?

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Personaly I would FLASH

Personaly I would FLASH either FreshTomato or DD-WRT. Both are well supported.