R7000 Change Region is Grey, How to change ?

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R7000 Change Region is Grey, How to change ?

Hi Guys,

Hope all of you are doing OK in this difficult period.

I am running a private network with my main router + 4 Netgear R 7000 (3 R7000 +1 7000P).
I am located in Thailand.

2 R7000 are blocked in Grey on north America while I bought all of them in Thailand
2 R7000 are setled on Asia.
The 4 of them are on AP
The 4 of them have the same SSID

Due the region in Grey, I have 2 network with the same SSID insead 1 only !

Do you know the procedure so that I can fix my 2 R7000 blocked in Grey into Asia and therefore
to expect having 1 network only with the same SSID ?

However, I have tried to use the DD WRT of Kong Summer for the 4 of them and I could settle the 4 on Thailand
but I got a lot of problem in log in into each router after the firstt configuration so I put them back into stock firmware.

I saw on the net that I could log in through Telnet with telnet and Enable.exe and
run a command line ok artmtd -w region WW but the debug page (
don't show the option Enable Telnet and the enable.exe at your website don't let me to enter. (I run Windows 10)

Anyone can assist me please ?