R7000, strange problems with Samsung Smart TV

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R7000, strange problems with Samsung Smart TV

Hello community!

I downloaded and flasehd the latest "FreshTomato" version today.

Basically everything good so far.

One big issue though:

On my brandnew Samsung Smart TV I cannot open the Youtube app.

Everything else is working fine - also from the integrated browser Youtube is acessible.

Also I installed a VPN (Astrill) on the Router:
With VPN switched on: Youtube app is runing fine, VPN switched off: Youtube app does not open - "network error".
Also using another router (TÜ-Link) Youtube app is running perfectly fine.

Is it some ports which need to be opened? (but even putting the TV in DMZ does not help).

I dont have an idea what else to try.

Btw. same problem is happening also with older versions of Tomato.

(I dont want to switch to "Kong" because of only half data transfer speed to my NAS and because I have a Hisense modem which is not supported directly).

Thanks for additional ideas!