R7000P incorrect router model displayed

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R7000P incorrect router model displayed

Hi all,

I have just bought a new Netgear R7000P, and I have just uploaded the new Kong firmware from http://desipro.de/ddwrt/K3-AC-Arm/dd-wrt.K3_R7000P.chk and it flashed fine, and I was able to access the  dd-wrt interface.

However, when I look at the System Information it shows the Router Model as Netgear R6400 v1 .. which worries me. 

Which is the correct firmware to use with the R7000P ?

Is this a known issue?

What are my next steps?

Note, I have already bricked one R7000P when I then attempted to update the DD-WRT firmware with the file - dd-wrt.v24-K3_AC_ARM_R7000P.bin.

Any assistance appreciated


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See https://forum.dd-wrt.com

See https://forum.dd-wrt.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=317434. 


Enter and 'Run Commands' the commands nvram erase && reboot in the Administration -> Commands -> Command Shell -> Commands.

Afterward you need have to reconfigure your router.  Note, you'll probably need a newer release of the firmware.  I got mine from