Turning an extra Netgear router into a wireless access point AND VPN

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Turning an extra Netgear router into a wireless access point AND VPN

I currently have a R8000 Netgear Nighthawk wireless router hooked up to my Xfinity modem. I then have several network switches throughout the house with hard wired equipment (PS5, Xbox, FireTV, laptops, MAC, Windows desktops, etc). All works good.

I recently was given a Netgear Nighthawk R7000 router from a family member. Initially, I have reconfigured it as an "access point". Its WAN port is then connected to a hardwired 8 port switch in the basement. It now provides 4 more LAN ports as well as another wireless connection used for a better connections in the basement. Again, all is working good.

Is there possibly a way install my paid VPN service (IP Vannish) into this newly obtain R7000 router? For now, the "VPN service" settings are greyed out in the advanced settings. I am assuming this is because I changed it to an access point.

I am trying to make it so any device connected to the R7000 (LAN ports and/or wireless) would appear to be in another state and/or country via my IPVannish service. Everything else on the network would be connected as normal.

Is this possible? If so, any recommendations or websites showing how to configure the R7000 with my IPVannish account?


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I just flashed my R7000P with

I just flashed my R7000P with DD-WRT. Now, when I attach to its network, it is asking me for a network key – but I haven't set up a network key for it. What can I do?


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I found the answer - it was

I found the answer - it was using the original password from the router.

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Hope this helps....

Hope this helps....

First off make a folder and download these files and then follow this:
https://becomethesolution.com/blogs/reviews/upgrade-netgear-r7000-router... (change to the files you downloaded)

Netgear initial files: freshtomato-R7000-2022.7-initial-64K.zip HERE: https://freshtomato.org/downloads/freshtomato-arm/2022/2022.7/Netgear%20...

Netgear back to OFW: R7000-back-to-ofw.zip HERE: https://freshtomato.org/downloads/freshtomato-arm/Netgear%20back%20to%20...

freshtomato-R7000-ARM_NG-2022.7-VPN-64K.zip from here: https://freshtomato.org/downloads/freshtomato-arm/2022/2022.7/K26ARM/


Then follow this to configure IPVanish onto the TomotoeVPN (R700) router.