Newbie confusion finding proper R7500v2 firmware source URL

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Newbie confusion finding proper R7500v2 firmware source URL


I intended to download and install DD-WRT on my R7500v2 after repeated serious issues with WAP mode from the recent OEM firmware versions.   I'm having a few issues finding the proper DD-WRT initial firmware and the matching reversal firmware ddwrt-to-netgear-fw-R7500v2.bin

1.) I couldn't find any firmware explicitly for the R7500v2 newer than late 2018.   Given the number and pace of new router attack security issues these days I hate to see nothing newer than 12 to 18 months-old submissions.

2.)  At see that page recommends URL for the Kong firmware for the R7500v2 is " ..."  but all I see at that is a notice saying that the author is no longer building DD-WRT.  There is indeed a direct download link for the November 2018 image for the factory-to-dd-wrt but only the name of the reversal firmware with no download link.

3.) On the page, I see some references that are for the R7500v2 and other references and download links that are labeled for the R7800 build instead of the R7500v2 in that page's title and referring links.   Is that a mistake on this page or does this mean that current R7800 firmwares (both factory to DD-WRT and DD-WRT back to factory) are now compatible with the R7500v2?. 

(The main firmware list for the R7800 at doesn't mention anything relative to the R7500v2).

4.) In the threads at the Home | Forums | R7500 "R7500 Open Source Firmware" page, I see mainly people having issues with DD-WRT on the R7500v2 and no recent success stories.

Is there a reasonably current, stable firmware for the R7500v2 that also comes with a paired reversal firmware to get back to factory if the DD-WRT doesn't function cleanly?   If not, how stable is the 11/07/208 build on the page?




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Do you have access to the

Do you have access to the DDWRT to factory netgear bin files??? I cannot believe this Kong guy just removed all the dwonlaods without telling anyone now I cannot get my router to stock firmware someone please help!!!

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Maybe a little late but you

Maybe a little late but you still need help just got my r7500v2 back to factory firmwear

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I could use help - how did

I could use help - how did you manage it?