Netgear R7800 OEM to DDWRT Firmware Install

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Netgear R7800 OEM to DDWRT Firmware Install

The stock firmware for the Netgear R7800 has, in my opinion, one purpose and that is to spy on you. I do not need a router spying on my business network. Best of all, Netgear openly states that they may collect data from my network (mac ids, IP addresses...).

I have also found several problems within their GUI that stretches from setting the NTP server to the ability to block domain names and/or IP addresses. I have contacted Netgear but I find that I have more constructive conversations with my dog.

It was suggested that I try using DDWRT firmware on this router.

I downloaded and installed the firmware version R7800-V1.0.2.59SF onto this router. The install was done using Netgear’s GUI. But, I see no real difference between the origianl stock firmware and DDWRT firmware upgrade. The same problems still exist.

In the upper right corner of the GUI it states: Router Firmware Version (Voxel) V1.0.2.59S.

Did I install the DDWRT firmware correctly?

Does anyone sell replacement firmware for this router that eliminates most of the bloatware installed by Netgear?

Thanks for any help that you can provide in this matter!!!

Best Regards

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The FW you installed is NOT

The FW you installed is NOT DDWRT. It's a modified form of the stock FW. Voxel takes stock FW and updates some of the packages behind the scenes so there more up to date and also includes other packages that can be used by end users for additional use. Voxels version of FW is much better than stock FW. Something you can try. It's safe to use.

If you want DD-WRT, you'll need to visit there site and forum for help and information regarding there FW. DD-WRT does there own implementaion of FW for NetGear routers.

If you have a business and need a router for networking in a business setting, then you should not be using a home class router. Home class routers are for home and very small businesses. Anything beyond that, you should be running a business class router.


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If you continued to use

If you continued to use Voxels FW, you should look into installing this as well:
There maybe other plug-ins that Voxel has that can help you make the router more secure for your needs.

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My days of paying Cisco for

My days of paying Cisco for firewall/router subscriptions are finished; I no longer need that level of security. A ten year old WRT54G would probably do the job now but the electrical engineer in me needs to play; even if I turn my router into a toaster.

I hacked my Apple II and IBM XT years ago. Now it is time to hack some routers but I have no plans to breadboard one of these devices.

I was able to install DD-WRT v3.0-r37012 std (09/21/18) firmware on my Netgear R7800. Unfortunately, I cannot find the link to download this firmware again….

I will try what was suggested to install Voxel firmware on my other R7800.

Thank you for the advice!

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All voxels FW can be found

All voxels FW can be found here:


For DD-WRT, you'll need to go to there site. There is a sub folder under Downloads where you can get the betas from.

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I think you found it here:

I think you found it here:


How did it work for you btw?