Voxel Firmware Help

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Voxel Firmware Help

Hi... I would really appreciate some help. I have an r7800 bought new in 2018. I am computer literate and pretty well understand all the firmware settings up to, but don't know anything about Voxel firmware. I know NG .46 is really old and it's way past time to update, but it is super stable and very fast and every time I've checked on firmware it seems like there were more problems and nothing really stable. I'm now considering Voxel, but I have some questions. I do have some advantages on stability... using as router, only 4 devices wired desktop and laptop (win 10) and 2 android phones using 2.4 and 5g. Not using readyshare,qos, parental controls, access control, mu-mimo, dynamic dns, etc. Pretty basic and locked down.

Have 200 mbps connection and getting at least full speed wired and 90% on 5g.

If I change to Voxel should I update to later NG first, reset to factory first, then restore to .46 after, or install on top of .46? After installing Voxel can I do soft reset but not factory reset? I assume factory reset after Voxel would require restore to Voxel.

Are there any suggestions as to fastest and most stable version of Voxel to start with? Stability and speed are my primary considerations.

I know this is a lot of questions, but I need a lot of help!

I appreciate any info or suggestions... Thanks! Randell