Issues with Router Resetting Using Voxel

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Issues with Router Resetting Using Voxel

I got a new R7800 a few months ago and the first thing I did upon setting it up was flash to Voxel's firmware because I heard from multiple sources the stock firmware was garbage. I used the newest vresion posted on this site ( The flashing seemed to go fine in that the router GUI correctly identified the installed firmware. For the most part my WiFI and LAN connections were working great and I was loving the extra range I was getting over my lame ISP provided router.


I have been having one consistent issue though. At first it seemed llike the router was just dropping the Wifi signal intermitently. Like maybe 1-3x a day. Then I realized that when this was happening I was also losing connection on my wired devices. When I saw that I checked the router the next time it happened (it's not in a super accesible area now that everything is thepretically setup) and all the ligts were off except the power indicator. Eventually the activity lights all cycled back on and started flashing as they should be. This indicated to me that for some reason the router had reset itself, but maybe something else is at play.


Has anyone else come across this issue, or have any suggestions of things to try? I reflashed the firmware thinking maybe something had gone wrong the first time but that didn't help the issue. I also double checked that my ISP modem/gaeway is set to pass through mode, thinking that might be causing some interference or something. Still no fix. Now that' I'm foreced to work from home, losing my network connection at random is extremely disadvantageous - Any help would be greatly appreciated!