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Time Machine

Time Machine..

So I have used this tutorial in the past ( http://code.iamkate.com/articles/time-machine-on-a-network-drive/ ), but thru some unknow reason my time machine will no longer regonize/connect to the external drive, even though I can acces it thru finder.

Does any one have any suggestions or a different apporach that has yeilded success?

Also, is there a way to back up the same netwok drive via usb for when I am on the go (vacation)?


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Might ask the Apple support

Might ask the Apple support community..


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Yea I have looked thru but

Yea I have looked thru but havent found anything super usefull. I just didnt know if there is a way to bypassing using ready share, as I think that might be some of the problem.