Newbie R8000 set up question for DDWRT

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Newbie R8000 set up question for DDWRT

Hi all,

I'm looking to install DDWRT on my Netgear R8000....


Before I begin I must stress that I am greener than green to this whole installing the DDWRT thing onto a router so apologies if my question is obvious. I've been reading all I can about how to insatll DDWRT on my R8000 and one thing is confusing me is what files do I actually need to use. Do I use the files in the download section of myopenrouter (this one) or do I use the files from the  DDWRT website direct like (this one for the R8000


Both downloads look different, myopenrouter has 1 file to download and the other (DDWRT website) has 2 files to download so I'm really not sure what to use....


Also what is a Kong build? I'm just not understanding this at all, can anyone help me understand what are the correct files to use?

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Use the first one, that is

Use the first one, that is KONG's latest build. .
You usually want to stick to a build that is updated regularly , KONG does that. The files on the DD-WRT site are not updated on a regular basis. KONG is the name of the developer that built the firmware, a lot of the files on the DD-WRT site are built by brainslayer. Same source code, different build scripts and updates.

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Be aware that Netgear has set

Be aware that Netgear has set up the R8000 (and R7000) so that current version of DD-WRT build for R8000 cannot be flashed using the easy method (as described on

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I made this account just to

I made this account just to tell you that you should save yourself a bunch of hassle and install FreshTomato instead. I have experience with both and actually I'm more comfortable with ddwrt, but it's a giant stinky pile of yuck on the R8000. Current build is not even almost ready for prime time and the build that is possible like can't do 2.4ghz... At all, can't do client mode at all, and I might be mistaken but I believe it can't even do USB correctly (?). Lol WTF. How are the builds making it more broken? We may never know. I'm rocking and rolling with FreshTomato tho. Works great

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On FreshTomato, have you been

On FreshTomato, have you been able to get virtual wireless working on the 2.4GHz band?  I ran into a bug (looks like a longtime one maybe) on FreshTomato where if I enable WPA2 encryption none of the clients will accept the password.  If I leave the wireless unencrypted they can connect.  TIA!