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Dear All,


i am not able to setup my NIGHTHAWK X6 R8000. I did the following steps:

- went through the we "netgearlogin.com" but it doens't work"

- downloaded netgear genie app for pc but it doesn't recognize my router "route not connected or not supported...."

- used mobile app netgear genie = i changed my modem IP as it was same as my router, i turned it off, i wired it to my router and i turned it on again, but my router Internet led is still off. 

If i put i can access to my router by Tomato. Someone told me i cannot use both Tomato and netgear genie PC app, so i should set it up through tomato

Can you please teach me hot to set up my router configuration on Tomato?


Look forwadr to receiving your feedback.

Best regards

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Need some clarification, is the router running stock or tomato firmware? You cannot use genie app with tomato firmware.

If you are running tomato firmware what is the full version name you are using.


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Hi mrdon213,

Hi mrdon213,

Thanks for your reply.

I know have another problem, i hope you are able To help.

I uploaded (through Tomato) a corrupted firmware and my router is now bricked.

I tried to do forced reset but no luck;
I tried to upload the latest firmware through either TFTP windows app or through the prompt by typing tftp -i put "firmware name" + reset right after having restarted the router but no luck again;

If i type ping on The prompt it gives me 4 answers in which it says it cannot comunicate with the static IP Before doing the above i put as a static IP, as subnet mask, as gateway. If i type on the browser i cannot find the router. It is as If router and PC cannot find each other. But when i type ping The router actually give me The 4 answers so it should mean that it is not dead. If i turn on the router it shows me the Power, wifi and wps leds on. Need help from The expert users. Netgear support is not able to help as usual