Using Public IP Range

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Using Public IP Range


I am a UK Virgin Media Cable customer.

In process of switching from residential to Business.

I will have a range of 13 public IP addresses.

The router they will be supplying does not have Wifi.
I need Wifi.
I must use their router but can add an additional one (or maybe an access point, not sure?)
I have just been told their router uses Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) tunneling protocol if this is relevant.

I just bought 2 days ago a Nighthawk X6 R8000 before I decided to switch to public IP addresses.

I am guessing this R8000 is not up to the job of disabling NAT and using Public IPs?
Even in access point mode (which would be the preferred method).
If I updated to dd-wrt would i be able to achive my aim?

If this is not possible does anyone have a recommendation of a router that can handle this?

Something not too expensive =<£200 and preferably available in UK PC World so I can try and swap the one I just bought.

Or maybe a Wifi access point that can handle this?

Many thanks :)