Netgear R8500 Slow WiFi

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Netgear R8500 Slow WiFi

I'm getting really slow WiFi speeds on 2.4GHz and 5.1GHz after flashing over to DD-WRT. Searched all over the DD-WRT forums and Googled for the last 2-3 days with nothing solid. Prior to flashing, the stock firmware will let me get 500-675 Mbps. ISP is Frontier FIOS 1Gig plan.

I get about 960/960 on my LAN with no issues but when it comes to WiFi it's really bad. My smart devices run on 2.4GHz and its really taking a toll on them. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You

Firmware Version DD-WRT: v3.0-r39960M kongac (06/08/19)
CPU Model: Broadcom BCM4709

Speedtest Results
2.4GHz - 7Mbps/19Mbps
5.1GHz - 110Mbps/125Mbps
5.1GHz(2) - 120Mbps/138Mbps
2.4GHz Settings
Radio: Radio is On
Mode: AP
Network: Mixed
TX Power: Auto
Rate: 9 Mbps
Encryption - Interface wl1: Enabled, WPA2-PSK
Connected Clients: 10

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I was experiencing the same

I was experiencing the same thing.  You will need to manually set the parameters of the WiFi settings.  LMK if you are still having performance issues and i can get you a screenshot of my settings

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Hi IT.

Hi IT.

I saw your note about sending your settings to the guy that was having slow wifi issues. I have not flashed my R8500 yet and see some folks stating that wifi is slow. Were you able to solve the slow issue completely or is it still a problem. If you resolved I will move forward with dd-wrt.